Dr. Martin Villagra operates a general practice in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, in the Namur region. In modern medicine, all data is computerized, such as prescriptions, databases or exchanges of medical reports. Realizing that a VPN protection and a traditional antivirus would not be sufficient for the cybersecurity of his patients, Dr. Villagra opted for Skyforce’s Cyberbox.  


  Being a former computer science student and once a hacker in his spare time, Dr. Villagra quickly turned to Skyforce. “I liked Skyforce’s solution right away because it was so secure. Since I don’t have time to worry about my cyber security, Skyforce takes care of everything. Now my patients’ confidential data is protected,” said Dr. Villagra.    

While setting up the Skyforce system normally takes less than a day, the installation of the Cyberbox here required two. The doctor explains: “We deal with highly confidential data and therefore have a somewhat unusual computer configuration. The technician was familiar with it and was able to set up protection tailored for the practice, with a smile. »  

 Dr. Villagra concluded: “Whereas it used to take me a long time, I can now sleep soundly knowing that a third party is taking care of my safety. »