For its first edition, Skyforce’s annual cybersecurity barometer unveils compelling results. One Belgian microenterprise out of 3 does not have an antivirus, and 3 out of 4 do not have a firewall. For our small country, counting more than 1,2 million SME’s with less than 50 employees, it’s not very glorious!

Skyforce surveyed more than 3500 Belgian business managers to get some meaningful figures on the health of corporate IT security. Recently, Belgian micro enterprises’ digital presence is increasing, as 68% of them now have a website, and 10% are involved in e-commerce. But their presence on the web is not always secure… far from it.

First of all, the line between private and professional use of company computers is way less marked than it is in large companies, since 82% of respondents admit to also using them for private purposes and 57% use the same password for both private and professional activities. 

Then, it emerges that only 13% have the major protection techniques: antivirus, firewall, anti-spam and anti-spyware filters. In a third of the cases, there isn’t anyone taking care of the cybersecurity aspect. And… 80% of the time, no one is able to react quickly to an attack.   

Omissions that could have a catastrophic impact when considering that in just over a year, Skyforce has already blocked for its customers more than 730 000 malicious requests, including some very sophisticated ones. All of that thanks to the Cyberbox!  

Consult the complete barometer here