Privacy policy and RGPD

Privacy policy and RGPD

Document date: 16/03/2019


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Confidentiality issues are one of skyforce’s main concerns. You have the right to know how we collect, use and share information. The following confidentiality policy exposes our doing regarding information we collect.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European legislation, personal data is information enabling the identification of an individual person. This includes name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and any other elements defined as personal data, such as IP address.


This privacy policy explains how we handle personal data collected via our website or other channels, such as events and trade shows, or data received from third parties, when we act as data controller with respect to such personal data.

Please read the privacy policy carefully before submitting your personal data to us. This will allow you to understand how we use your personal data once it has been collected. When you visit our website, you are not obliged to submit any personal data to us. If you do not wish to have us process your data, do not submit it to this site.

However, without your personal data, certain services offered on our website will not be accessible to you (for example, completing online forms, downloading documents or requesting demonstrations of our solutions.)

By submitting personal data or by using this website, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy.

Information we collect

We collect the personal information of interested parties from various sources.


This is the information we receive directly from the person concerned: personal data collected via online forms on our site. When you fill out an online form to contact us, when you download documents, book an appointment, request a demonstration of our solution, register for an event, subscribe to a newsletter, etc… (this list of examples is not exhaustive) you communicate personal data to us. Those are the following information:

  • name and surname
  • email address
  • phone number
  • company/ organization on whose behalf the request is made

Additional information is sometimes requested (size of the company, role of the person in the organization…). The information we ask for is limited to what we need to process your request and to pursue our legitimate interest, i.e. to contact the person again in order to find out what we can do to meet his or her needs.


This is information we may find in publicly available resources, such as the public profile of the data subject on LinkedIn, the website of the company/organization on whose behalf the data subject is making the request, and any other source of information in the public domain on the internet (World Wide Web). We may combine information of this type with the information you provide.


This information concerns your habits on the internet. When you visit our site, we passively collect data about you, including your IP address, the pages you visit, your geolocation, the language you use to consult our site, your origin (if you found us via a search engine, an advertising campaign, social networks…), etc. We collect this type of information using cookies. Read our cookie policy to find out which cookies we use and how you can accept or decline them.

The information we collect this way stays anonymous, unless the visitor identifies him/herself by submitting a form.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data


By submitting an online form on our website, the concerned party agrees to transmitting his or her personal data to Skyforce and acknowledges that Skyforce will treat it in accordance with this privacy policy.


We may process your personal data without your express consent where such processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or for its preparation (e.g. to provide you with an offer).


In its 47th amendment, the RGPD stipulates that direct marketing operations (prospecting) constitute a legitimate interest. This legal basis is the second basis for processing for which we do not ask for your explicit consent. We distinguish three categories of activities based on the legal basis of the legitimate interest.


We consider it to be in our legitimate interest to contact the concerned parties who have submitted an online form on our website. We will attempt to contact these individuals to follow up on their requests. This task will be entrusted directly to our sales team, which will use the means available (telephone, email, linkedIn) for this purpose.

A customer may receive e-newsletters without giving his or her explicit consent. These e-newsletters contain information that we deem useful to the customer, for example:

  • Information about the new features of Skyforce’s solutions
  • Invitations to Skyforce events & workshops
  • Invitations to Skyforce events & workshops

We make every effort possible to ensure that each individual’s information remains relevant. However, if the person concerned no longer wishes to receive our e-newsletters, he or she can unsubscribe or change his or her preferences at any time. Each e-newsletter includes a link to unsubscribe and a link to adjust e-mailing preferences.


Our sales team strives to systematically contact companies to which Skyforce can potentially add value. In order to do this, our salespeople consult public domain information sources: the Internet, LinkedIn, and other databases. When they find personal information (for example: the name of a company’s sales manager), they may process that personal data for the purpose of their legitimate interest, which is to contact that person to present Skyforce’s offer.

Concerned parties approached this way will never receive direct marketing communications from Skyforce. Any data subject has the right to know what personal data we hold about him or her and to have it corrected, supplemented, or deleted from our files.

To what end do we use your Personal Data?

We use your personal data for several reasons:


We will respond to all requests submitted to us via our website, including requests for documentation or demonstrations, event registrations, requests for quotes, and any other online forms. For example, we may use your personal data to call you back by telephone or communicate with you by e-mail, LinkedIn or other means.


We may use your personal data for direct marketing purposes (to provide you with specific information about Skyforce’s offer, to send you invitations to events or workshops, e-newsletters, etc…). We will only do as mentioned above with your explicit consent or if you already have a contract with us and the information sent is relevant to said contract.


If you submit your resume or an application for a job on Skyforce’s website, we will use your personal data for recruitment purposes, including contacting you my email or telephone.


We constantly use and analyze data from anyone visiting our website in order to improve our users’ experience.


We may retain personal data to fulfill certain legal obligations.

When do we share your information?

We will never sell or disclose to third parties personal data we have collected, except as specified at the time of the collecting.

We may share personal data with third parties in charge of treating that data on our behalf. In so far as these service providers act as subcontractors, we do not authorize them to use or disclose the data in any way. We require these subcontractors to adequately protect the confidentiality and security of personal data they process on our behalf. In other words, we enter into subcontracting agreements with all subcontractors who work with us. All subcontractors must comply with the RGPD.

We may equally be required to disclose your personal data as part of a legal obligation or legal action (e.g. by order of the public authorities).

How long do we keep your data for?

As soon as you have communicated your personal data to us, it will be processed in Skyforce’s files and kept for as long as necessary.

If you are a Skyforce customer, we will retain your information for the duration of the contract binding your company to Skyforce. Upon termination of the contract, we will keep your information in our files for the period of time required by law. You have the option of asking us to delete your data before the end of that period. In that case, we will delete all data we have except those we are legally required to keep.

If you are not a Skyforce customer, we are required to make a decision based on the information we receive. We will delete your information if we find that it is no longer accurate and we are unable to correct the errors. (For example, if we receive a “delivery failure” message in response to an email). We will also delete your information if you request us to do so. If you never contact us and we do not see any activity (visits to the site, clicks on a collective email, personal contacts with our sales representatives…) over a period of 5 years, your data will be deleted.

If you are applying for a job, your resume and your personal data will be retained in our system for a period of 5 years starting from the year following the year of your application. You may request us to delete your data earlier.

How to access your Personal Data

To request access to your personal data, send an email to our Data Protection Delegate via

Your rights


You have the right to know what personal data we hold about you and to have it corrected, supplemented or deleted from our files.

To that effect, you will need to provide us with adequate proof of your identity (e.g. a copy of your passport).

Skyforce will make every reasonable effort to comply with your request. Subject to certain legal requirements, we may retain personal data that you ask us to delete. In such a case, we will let you know what data we are required to keep.


You may ask us at any point in time not to process your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

  • When you visit our website, you can choose to accept or decline our cookies. If you do not want us to use your visitor data (e.g. your IP address, your browsing history on our website…), you should not accept cookies from our website. Read our Cookie Policy to learn how to accept or decline cookies.
  • When you fill out an online form on our website, you can choose to subscribe to our newsletters. If do not subscribe, you will not receive automatic emails from Skyforce. However, we will process the data you submitted via our online forms and our sales staff will use that information to try and contact you personally.
  • In any case, if you subscribe to our newsletters and then change your mind, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe each time you receive an email from Skyforce. All emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.

Cookies & similar technologies

Skyforce’s website uses cookies for three reasons:

  • Offer to our visitors the most effective web experience (e.g. when the visitor picks a language, the website will automatically be displayed in that language for the next visit,
  • Analyze our visitors’ behaviour in order to improve their experience as well as the website’s performance ; and
  • Help us present quality advertisements that will interest our visitors as much as possible.

Read our Cookie Policy to know more about our website’s use of Cookies and on the procedure to accept or refuse them.


Whenever Skyforce receives or transmits data through its website, Skyforce uses encryption technologies considered to be in line with industry standards. Once the data has been processed and is in Skyforce’s files, Skyforce implements a set of technical and organizational measures to protect the data from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification or destruction.              You should be aware, however, that due to the open and unsecured nature of Internet, Skyforce cannot be held responsible for the security of the transmission of your personal data on Internet.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This policy is subject to changes. The date of its last revision appears on this page. Please review this Privacy Policy whenever you are preparing to submit personal data.