Despite the health crisis being on every first page, Skyforce is making its place in the daily press!

The year 2020 is synonymous with challenge for many companies, be they small, medium or large. Beyond the transition to teleworking, virtual meetings and all the adaptations that this implies, this year is marked by a spike in activity from hackers, who are taking advantage of the situation to be hyperactive.

Fortunately, Wallonia can pride itself of having a Minister for the Economy and Digital Economy who is attentive to the issue. Below you will find articles about Skyforce in the Belgian French-speaking press, concerning our Cyberbox, the release of our app, our cybersecurity barometer and Minister Borsus’ visit to our premises in Waterloo.


Cybersecurity, too neglected in VSE’s and sme’s
07juillet 2021-Solutions Magazines



Cybersecurity, now hiring

19 octobre 2020 – Metrotime


28% of sme’s without antivirus10 septembre 2020 – DHNET


Borsus, cybersecurity ambassador

10 septembre 2020 – L’avenir


cybersecurity generates jobs

09 septembre 2020 – Le soir


Skyforce, starter of the week

04 Septembre 2020 – Datanews


Skyforce launches their app

14 Juillet 2020 – Le soir


1 belgian microenterprise out of 3 does not have an antivirus!

08 juin 2020 – Solutions Magazine


Computers affected by a surge of viruses
22 mars 2020 – Le soir


How do start-ups keep their head above water in this period of coronavirus?
17 avril 2020 – L’Echo


Skyforce opens up cybersecurity to VSE’s and SME’s
3 juin 2019 – Solutions magazine


Skyforce’s cyberbox: “you install alarms and cameras but you don’t think about protecting your computer network!”

28 novembre 2019 – Le Sillon Belge


Skyforce, Waterloo : the solution against  hacking 

10 décembre 2019 – La Capitale


Skyforce’s cyberbox: a miracle solution for sme’s against computer hackers?

12 décembre 2019 – L’avenir


« You also have to control everything that comes out »  

12 décembre 2019 – L’avenir


Skyforce, The startup that helps nearly 800 SME’s manage their IT security“ 

17 décembre 2019 – Le Soir