On the eve of this new year, we are pleased to count some 800 self-employed, VSEs and SMEs among our customers. During the first appointment with our customers, we always carry out a free check-up. From these audits, it appears that a large number of our customers are infected without knowing it. This can range from small phishing attacks to large data theft.  

A la veille de cette nouvelle année, nous sommes heureux de compter quelque 800 indépendants, TPE et PME parmi nos clients. Lors du premier rendez-vous avec nos clients, nous effectuons toujours un check-up gratuit. De ces audits, il ressort qu’un grand nombre de nos clients est infectés sans le savoir. Cela peut aller du petit hameçonnage au grand vol de données.  

In this period of time, approaching the end of the year, with all the financial transactions related to the purchase of gifts, we estimate that the number of malicious requests will rise to 16 million. Fortunately, our Cyberbox will block all these cyber attacks from the smallest to the largest to allow everyone to have a happy holiday!  

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend who’s an independent or entrepreneur? Tell him about the Cyberbox! We will be happy to give him a free check-up… We will offer you 1 month subscription for any new contract signed thanks to you !