Our cyberbox, the all-in-one security solution against cyberattacks now goes hand in hand with the Skyforce app. A tool that allows you to consult all the threats on your corporate network, all the stopped attacks but also reports on your surfing habits. All this in real time.

In just over a year of existence, Skyforce can boast of having detected and prevented more than 730,000 malicious queries from its customers, mainly Belgian self-employed people and micro-enterprises. The Cyberbox, our highly effective protection solution against blended threats, has the added benefit of being able to access a wide range of information about the security of its corporate network at any time.

Offering a service is good. But offering the possibility to its customers to see for themselves the efficiency of this service is even better. While Skyforce periodically provides customers with a summary or detailed activity report, customers now have the ability to access all the threats on their network in real time through the Skyforce application. 

In addition, users can see the top 5 threats stopped and access reports that compare their surfing habits month by month. Information that helps us learn more about our online behavior and avoid websites with potential threats in the future. In addition, the application offers an overview of all networked machines, the status of the backup on the Cyberbox, and is equipped with a customizable notification system. 

Because we offer a service that is complete, efficient… and transparent! 


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